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CD has now said that his statement of refuse to be appointed to cabinet and other government office was not to threatern the chinese community instead to warn his party members to be united and working hard.
It looks like the chinese community has ignored his stand and turned to wap his party members, bear in mind that more than 50% of his members were not vote for BN.
As such his basic votes shall be even less in this coming general election due to no outstanding performance for the last 3 years.
Similary arm-no should not be supported in mixed constituency to check balance of their arrogant power.
In short, the 13th general election will be a water-shed for BN and the rising of alternate people government.

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UMMO will not lose, it is the Malay centric party and has support from majority of the Malays. MCA, Gerakan and MIC and other mosquito parties in BN will be all gone in the next GE,so UMMO=BN, and BN=UMMO, and UMMO have lost in that sense. And PAS is the only party which can cross the racial lines, more Chinese will vote for PAS and DAP. Penang is the first state for DAP to prove its worth as the governing party to change its image as opposition and boycott party.