Monday, March 21, 2011


第八届的砂拉越州大选,我到古晋帮朋友助选。那时候反对党的竞选主题是白毛下台。每个人上台演讲,都要喊几句白毛下台! Taib must go!


今天砂拉越州大选,主题仍然是“白毛下台 Taib must go!"。


Taib must go! 白毛下台!砂拉越人民,看你们的了。


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Anonymous said...

Although he still look like strong and fit and no one dare to chanllenge him to step down in the coming state election.
The people of Sarawak has observed for the last 30 years under his ruling and the recent numerous accusation of his governance and malpratices of the state, it is time for Sarawak voters to exercise their right by a BIG CHANGES so to ensure a new and trusted government be established for the benefit of new generations and wiping out corruptions in the state.
This is particularly important as the results will directly causing great impact to National general election and the subsequence constitutional changes that may affect l man l vote democratic system in the country.
Hence, the people of Sarawak must be united and say "NO" to BN for continue ruling of the state.

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