Friday, December 17, 2010


上个星期从福隆港下山后到叻思一趟,看到这个《乌雪人民否决贪腐政权 叻思精神吹起改革号角》的匾牌。




Anonymous said...

Indeed the 12th generation held in 308 has one way or other compelled to hold as many as 14 by-elections inclusive of Parliamentary and state seats.
And now the State seat of Tenang of Johore under Labis constituency will be the 14th bye-election.
It is highly expected by the Johorean to witness Tenang bye-election as it was a mixed composition of about 50-50% of Malay and non-Malay voters and as an acid test to whether voters of Johorean will create an explosive swings of votes against the ruling BN government.
Look like BN is now suffering a headache sydrome of how to splash cash nets to fish more votes. Hope the eligible voters of Tenang be able to create a new 7 degree earthquakes very soon.

A Parent

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