Monday, November 15, 2010




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In a democracy system every legal party has to undertake a process of election after a term in office.
However, in any election campaign it bounce to have winner and looser and each member in contest definately to adopt whatever methods or measures to ensure victory, but rules and regulations must be followed to enhance a healthy and democratic election.
However, if the chanllenger and looser were to loose in the contest, he must step down in gentleman manner, but many a time the looser did not respect to the terms of election and hence to condemn the party or winner team.
Such a leader must not be accepted if he is self-fish and dictator. On the other hand, if he has worked effectively and capable to lead the party in the front-liners, for sure he will be continuously supported by the people. Again he must be prepared to step down for the new talented young leaders in time to come, and the process of democracy be uphold.

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