Sunday, March 21, 2010






Anonymous said...

Upon released of the 308 general elections results, leaders of Gerakan and MCA has virtually suggested to walk out of BN if his big brother (biggest component party) will not changed their structure and concepts. However recently a leader from Gerakan mentioned that his component party did not and has not changed and hence is best time to walk out from his big family. And someone has said married easy but divorce no. And just two days ago, their boss said; no matter who they are, what party they belongs to, as long as they support BN, they must be taken into accounts. Therefore MCA is now given green lights to allow to form 3 more sub-divisions with the same common concepts. That may be the way as every one of them wanted to become chairman of party.

A Parent

LOO(KL) said...

看来这第三势力吃回头草好像是帮第四势力制造先例。。。会不会开路给老马重掌国阵。 “无痛”的一,二哥好像也不咬絃。(老马看来比“拿金”还壮)